Total Betting:

Much like other major sports, total betting is an option on most matches. When betting the total, you are betting whether the total number of games played will exceed or fall below the total posted. It does not matter which player wins the match, or even how lopsided the score is. All that matters is the total numbers of games played when the match is completed.

Instead of picking a player, you pick over or under the number posted for the matches total games.

Like betting the game spread, the odds will be even (or very close to even) for the payout. Usually 1.90 for both the over and the under.

And, pushes are also common when betting the total. If you bet over a total of 20 games, and the match result is 6-4, 6-4 then the total games played is the same as the total. And your bet would push and be canceled.

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