Final Thoughts:

A note on match fixing.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how common match fixing really is, and if they should take that possibility into account when wagering on tennis. There have been a few well known examples in match fixing in tennis, as with any sport. However, the vast majority of suspected match examples appear more to me to be a simply case of a player having a bad day. It’s important to remember when betting tennis, unlike other team sports such as soccer or american football, that sometimes even the best players have an off day. Maybe they don’t feel 100%, maybe their dog just died, or maybe they have a nagging injury that hasn’t been reported. Personally, I think that those possibilities greatly outweigh the possibility that top players are throwing matches. That said, it’s yet another reason that you should bet prudently, and for enjoyment; and never more than you can afford to lose. Also, you should exercise a little more caution when betting on unknown players in smaller tournaments where there could potentially be a benefit for a player to give less than 100% on any given day.

A word on Touts & Experts

Never found one who was worth the money. The legitimate ones get hot at times, sure, but I don’t think many beat the juice long term. And you have to subtract what you’re paying for the service from your winnings, so it’s even hard to be profitable long term.

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