Moneyline Betting:

The most common bet in all of sports, is betting the money line. It’s simple, you pick who you want to win, and place your bet on them. The amount the bet pays (based on the odds) is dependent on how likely the player or team you are betting on is expected to win.

If you’re betting on a big favorite, expect to be paid only a few pennies for every dollar you bet. If you’re betting on a huge underdog, betting a single dollar could win you ten dollars, or more.

Money Line Odds

Odds are expressed in several different ways, some being more popular in different regions than others. For the sake of simplicity, we will present the odds in this guide in decimal form. Meaning simply, that the odds are the total amount returned to you in the event of a winning bet for each dollar you wager. So the lowest possible odds are generally considered 1.01. Meaning if you wager $1 on this huge favorite, you will be paid $1.01. Making a $.01 (one cent) profit.

Decimal odds are commonly referred to on some sites as European (EU) odds. While UK style odds are usually displayed as a fraction (such as 2/1). And US odds are usually represented as single units based on a $100 bet. If US odds are negative (such as -110) that refers to the amount you must wager on the favorite to win $100. If they are positive, that refers to the amount you would be paid if the underdog wins (such as +220).

These are all different ways of stating the same thing, the payout for a specific bet that is being placed.

If two players are considered exactly even by the bookmakers, the money line odds at most books will be 1.90 for each player (the “juice” may change slightly from one bookmaker to another, but it is generally 10%).

So, if you’re betting on a player whose payout is lower than 1.90, you’re betting on the favorite. If you’re betting on a player whose line is higher than 1.90, you’re betting on the underdog.

Getting vs Laying odds

Tennis is notorious for having some extremely long odds, those where one player is considered a very large favorite. Resulting in a payout being tiny for the favorite, and huge for the underdog.

Moneyline betting is a great way to introduce yourself to betting tennis, and betting on underdogs can be an exciting proposition for many sports betters as well.

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