Know Your Book:

Along with knowing the juice a book offers on tennis matches, it is EXTREMELY important to know the specific rules for tennis wagering at each sportsbook you wager at. They are NOT all the same.

The clearest example of this is with regards to what bets are paid (as opposed to being canceled) when a player retires.

Some books have a first ball rule, meaning that as soon as a point is played the moneyline bets will be honored. So even if a player retires before the first game is completed, the winner will be honored and moneyline bets will be paid.

The more common rule many books abide by is the first set rule. At these books, the match result is considered final as long as one full set is being played. In this case, if a player retired after one set is completed, moneyline wagers will be paid (as well as bets on the first set).

Less common is the rule where all matches must be played to completion.

Set line and game line bets are canceled at most books if the match isn’t played to completion. And total bets are virtually always canceled if either player retires. But you should assume nothing and always make yourself familiar with the rules of your sportsbook regarding tennis wagering.

Another point to check, is what happens in the event a match is delayed or postponed due to inclement weather or other factors. Some books will honor the bet until the match is played or canceled, others have a 24 hour rule.

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