Tennis Parlays:

One betting strategy often employed in conjunction with tennis betting is the parlay. With a parlay, you pick several individual bets that you think will win, and bet that ALL will win. The resulting payout is then significantly higher than if you had just bet your money on one player.

Parlays are considered a sucker but by most experts, however, they remain a popular option for tennis betters who think they can pick several big favorites who will all win.

Often you’ll see a parlay that looks something like this:
Djokavic @ 1.15
Federer @ 1.45
Murray @ 1.30

If you bet your $1 on just a single match, you would win between $.15-$.45 cents for each dollar you wagered depending on which player you wagered on.

However, if you parlayed all three matches together, and all three players won their respective matches, you’d win a little over $1 for each dollar you wagered. Many sports bettors find this very attractive. Just remember, all three wagers must win for you to win the bet, and upsets are fairly common in professional tennis matches.

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