The Juice:

If you’ve read through the entire tennis betting guide, you’ve no doubt seen several references to the juice already. But not a thorough explanation.

To ensure everyone has a full understanding of this concept, we’ll elaborate a little bit more here on this concept.

In short, the juice refers to the percentage of each bet that is kept by the sportsbook as their profit. The best way to think about it is this way. If you bet $1 on a player, and your friend bet $1 on that player opponent, the juice is the percentage of those bets that the sportsbook will end up with regardless of which player wins.

The standard amount of juice taken out of wagers changes from book to book but almost always falls in the range of 5% to 20%.

If a book offers the standard 10% juice that means a $100 bet with even odds (such as a bet on the spread or total), that bet will pay a $90 profit, returning $190 when the wager is paid.

It’s a little harder to tell what the juice is on moneyline bets and props which are often available at odds that are slanted to one side, but most books state the juice somewhere, or you can ask. [add juice calculator]

Obviously betting with a book that offers reduced juice will pay off over time, while betting highly juiced matches and props makes it exponentially harder to beat the house. Just something to keep in mind as you gain experience with your tennis wagering.

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