Props/Other Bets:

Some books offer additional betting options other than the basic moneyline, spread, and total betting.

These fall into two basic categories. The first is what is known as prop bets. When betting on a prop bet you are accepting that a certain proposition will occur in the match. These can range from somewhat mainstream props such as a player winning in straight sets, or a player winning a certain number of games, to more eccentric things like which player serves the first game or how long the match will last. There are two many possible prop bets to cover each one in detail. But the two important points to understand before betting props are that:
1. You must understand the exact terms of the prop bet, so ask for clarification from the sportsbook BEFORE you place the bet if there is any ambiguity at all in your mind.
2. Props are generally considered a fun bet for the players, and offered as a kind of courtesy to betters. But this comes at a slight cost as most books make you pay a higher price for placing these bets by reducing the payouts. This is known as increasing the juice, or just increased juice.

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